Stable Swap (Stage 2)

The easiest way to understand this stage is to see it as a decentralized exchange. This stage’s main goal is to allow users to swap their tokens on either Aptos or Sui through it with low slippage. Our mission is to solve the current low liquidity, large slippage issue on Aptos and Sui, by pioneering the following:

  1. A Swap Function

  2. 3 Pool / Multi-pool staking

  3. Auto arbitraging


  • Partial funds of will be utilized to assure the liquidities of stablecoins on Aptos and Sui.

  • Arbitraging will be partially automated via smart contracts; with discretionary developments from the dev team in unstable market conditions only.

  • Provides extremely efficient stablecoin trades by implementing the invariant swap on Aptos & Sui, which will significantly lower the slippage for stablecoin trades in the current illiquid market on Aptos and Sui.

  • Provides a Fenture pool which is an implementation of the invariant swap with 2 or more tokens.

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