💴Fenterest (Lending)

How do I supply and earn from Lending?

Click "Supply" next to the asset you wish to supply in the "Supply" section. Choose the amount you want to give, then send your transaction*. Upon confirmation of the transaction, your supply is successfully recorded, and you start receiving interest.

  • A separate approval transaction is necessary for the initial supply of one asset.

How much will I earn?

Holders of aTokens get ongoing rewards that change in line with market circumstances based on:

  • The interest rate payment on loans - Suppliers split the interest payments made by borrowers based on their average borrowing rate multiplied by their utilization rate. The yield for suppliers increases as reserve utilization increases.

  • Flash Loan fees - A portion of the Flash Loan fees, or.09% of the Flash Loan volume, goes to suppliers.

Every asset has its own supply and demand market, as well as an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) that changes over time. To assess the rate evolution, you may obtain the average yearly rate over the previous 30 days. The main part of the app also has more information about the reserve overview of each asset.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to supply?

No minimum or maximum quantity is required; you may supply however much you choose. But, it's crucial to remember that for really little sums, it's conceivable that the procedure' transaction costs are more than the anticipated profits. When delivering extremely little amounts, it is advised that you take this into account.

Can I borrow using stable and variable rate at the same time for one asset?

No, you can only borrow money at stable or variable interest rates; changing to your preferred rate will affect all of the debt you have on that asset. In spite of this, you may specify various borrow rates for various assets.

How do I withdraw?

Go to the "Dashboard" area and choose "Withdraw" to make a withdrawal. Choose the withdrawal amount, then submit the transaction. You may also utilize your "aTokens" as liquid assets without making a withdrawal. If there is not enough available money (that is not borrowed), you would need to wait for fresh liquidity from suppliers or borrowers who are repaying their debts.

Can I opt-out my asset from being used as a collateral?

Yes. You have the option to deselect an asset after delivering it so that it is not utilized as collateral. The opt-out is accessible in your dashboard's "Supply" section. Just toggle the "use as collateral" button off of the asset you don't want to be used as collateral for.

As long as the money is not actively being used to borrow and the withdrawal would result in a liquidation of your debts, you are permitted to withdraw your assets without choosing not to use them as collateral.

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