Fund Structuring is a super-charged, autonomous DeFi protocol that spawns crypto economy with innovative financial tools built on Aptos and Sui.

Fenture Finance Fund

Our protocol allows users to bond-in various crypto assets to be Protocol Organized Assets (POA) for FFD at a discounted price – providing stability to the protocol and and yield generation opportunities for FFD holders.

  1. Bond-in (Performance based FFD bonus on bonding-in)

  2. Staking Function (Allowing users to stake FFD / LP tokens to gain yield)

  3. Auto buy-back function (Auto buyback based on Token price)


  • Provides a decentralized, autonomous asset management protocol that utilizes a combination of governance and autonomous self learning, AI-driven portfolio management strategies to maximize returns on treasury investments; that includes holdings of major tokens and early stage projects.

  • The Auto buy-back mechanism will be triggered once the FFD token price drop exceeds 20%.

  • The Buy Back Amount will be based on the equation (Buy-Back-Amount = FFD marketcap/underlying assets * x)

  • Fenture Finance provides full transparency on the underlying assets.

  • The asset management protocol is controlled by the protocol’s governance token – FFD

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