What is Bond in?

What is Bond in?

Fenture Finance bonds are similar to traditional bonds. Fenture Finance offers users a way to bond in crypto assets for FFD tokens with an additional bonus; by swapping either a handful of cryptocurrencies or liquidity provision (LP) tokens from another exchange.

FFD token will be distributed regularly to the bond-holders until the epochs reaches 28 and one epoch is roughly 6 hours.

Here is an Example

FFD costs $100 on the open market, our community members would like to purchase 100 FFD, the total cost will be $100 * 100 = $10000 USDT. If the bonding bonus rate is 10%, Users will be able to get 110 tokens with $10000 USDT through the bonding mechanism. The total amount of 110 FFD token will be progressively release via the 28 Epochs, and each epoch will be released 110/28 =3.9285714 token release in each Epoch.

Community members will be incentivised to sell their liquidity in exchange for the project’s native token. This also grows the protocol’s liquidity and lets users get their hands on the token without some of the risks of traditional liquidity provision, which is what happens when tokens in a pool change prices (either up or down), sometimes reducing people's exposure to the more lucrative token.

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